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Hockey Planet invites you to a children's and youth hockey camp!

On March 10 - 15, the Hockey Planet training center invites you children and young people to a hockey day camp. Both beginners and players with previous experience in the hockey game can participate!


Several coaches will work in the camp, so we will be able to offer an individual approach, according to the level of preparation of each participant. 


If necessary, we can help with all the necessary equipment during the camp!


We can help camp participants who will come from other cities with accommodation.

See you at the day camp from March 10 to 15

at 9.30 - 18.00

Each day of the camp will start at 9.30Inbox in the ice rink.

We will spend the second half of the dayHockey Planet training center in Priedain.

We will provide transfer and meals for the participants! 


If the participant does not participate for all 6 days, the fee for one day is 70 EUR

Camp fee + accommodation = 100 EUR per day 

Boarding fee + accommodation for a child and one parent = 120 EUR per day

In the camp program

  • Ice training with six coaches, including a goalie coach

  • Training on a skating simulator

  • Throwing and bat technique training

  • Physical fitness training, swimming pool

  • Meals 2 times a day 


Apply as a camp participant,
by filling in the application form or by writing

Paldies, jūsu pieteikums ir saņemts! Tuvākajā laikā mēs ar Jums sazināsimies!

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